Price list

Cake Truffles & Cake Pops

Mini Cupcakes(2 dozen)




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Cake Pops/Cake Truffles


Specialty Cake Pops


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Cake pops/truffles are decorated with sprinkles or drizzled in candy. 


Specialty cake pops are either shaped or have additional decoration 



6 Inch

starting at $20.00

8 Inch

starting at $30.00

10 Inch

starting at $40.00

12 Inch

starting at $50.00

9 x 13

starting at $40.00

11 x15

starting at $50.00

Tiered Cakes

Contact for pricing

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Prices based on flavor and decorations



Mini Cupcakes


Wedding Cake

Starting at $2.25/serving

Bride or Groom Cake Pops

$2.50 each

Cake Pops or Cake Truffles

$2.00 each

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